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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  December 13, 2009 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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around the shoulder, but when you get out in space like a tackle, you get out of in space where the officials can see you, you wrap your arms around both shoulders like that, you're going to get that call. >> al: first and 20. manning to the end zone, and out in front, and does he get in? yes, touchdown for manngm. mario manningham feeding the coverage getting behind the corner, did he get his feet in? that is the question, with possession. >> cris: no. >> al: right foot, left foot right on the edge. >> cris: i don't think so.
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i thought the toe was -- >> al: yeah. and andy reid can challenge, since we're still outside of two minutes. >> cris: how many plays have we seen with mario manningham this year just not being able to manipulate on that -- >> referee: philadelphia has challenged the previous play, completed catch and a score versus incomplete. we'll review the play. >> al: john parry will take a look. it probably will be overturned.
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>> al: mario manningham on the bench, with a guy with a look who knows it's going to get overturned. you can see the toe comes down on the white, possession there, one foot in, and just by that much. >> cris: and, al, you have to give manningham credit for getting open in a clutch situation, but he needs help, an
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intervention on this route running, tom coughlin is probably going to give it to him. >> referee: the player with possession only got one foot in bounds. therefore it's an incomplete pass, philadelphia is not charged with a team time-out. however, that is their second challenge. therefore they have no challenges remaining. second down. >> al: only 21 seconds they could challenge anything. instead of a touchdown, it's noun second down and 20. >> cris: manningham just continuing to go to the outside. he's got him beat clearly, but you have to try, when a guy has that sort of technique, force them back to the inside. that should have been a no-brainer touchdown. it's just a technique thing that he's been doing not only all
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night tonight, but also doing earlier this season as well. there's two touchdowns that should have been for marion manningham. you. >> al: second down and 20, from the 28 yard line. manning to the outside this time. manningham makes that catch. and it is sheldon brown. the clock is still running, because this time -- of all things, he's out of bounds and then can't get out of bounds. >> cris: really the eagles bench got them to change that call. >> al: that takes us to the two-minute warning. now he's making sure to stay inbounds instead of stopping the clock.
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>> al: two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.
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it's third down and 11 for new york at the philadelphia 19 yard line. there's every emotion on the sidelines tonight. offsides, philadelphia, incomplete. giants get a free play here. steve smith the intended receiver here. >> cris: that was brilliant by eli. not only did he get him to show the blitz. >> referee: offsides, defense 58, in the neutral ze at the snap. five-yard penalty, replay. >> al: trent cole jumping. that makes it third down and six.
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>> cris: good stuff by eli. >> al: manning over the middle. that will make it a first down and goal as steve smith corrals it at the 4 yard line. seven catches for him tonight. down to 501 yards of total offense. now make it 505 on the touchdown to kevin boss. so the giants deny the touchdown on the challenge with manningham out of bounds, get one anyway. but it costs them some time, and there are 91 seconds to play. >> cris: they pay so much attention to steve smith coming in there off the slot, they completely leave kevin boss all by himself. steve smith just outside there in the slot, and two guys jump him and nobody jumps kevin boss.
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>> al: tynes with the extra point. eli tying his career high for passing yards. same figure he ran up against atlanta last month. "the tonight show" this week, wanda sykes will be there, jimmy fallon will have kate hudson and jude law. late night this week on nbc. columbus circle in manhattan. post-game show coming up right after the game. bob and tony, the wendy's postgame report, andrea will have an interview, cris and i will have the final word, as if we hadn't had enough words to this point tonight. >> cris: well, you never know, we may get a little overtime. there's no reason for this to end. this has been fun. an on-side kick, with two time-outs left, it's conceivable you could kick it deep, but i
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think the percentage play here is onsides. >> al: absolutely. your defense can't stop them. >> cris: right. you know, there is the possibility of getting ten guys up around that 40 yards line, you could try to drop it in over their heads and hope for some wild scramble of a loose ball. desean jackson about on the 30 or so. there is space. >> al: the eagles with the other ten guys all between the 40 and the 46. it's bounded to the right side, and then takes one big hop and winds up going over bounds. >> referee: the ball will be placed at the spot where it went out of bounds. first and ten, philadelphia. >> cris: that's a rule change. in years past, that would have
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been rekicked for some weird reason. i never could figure that one out, but they've changed that rule. now you have one shot and the eagles have the ball. >> al: you were rewarded for attempting it in kicking it out of bounds. the committee got together and said, no way. what the giants need now is a reverse joe pisarcik. >> cris: you do have the two time-outs. conceivably you could get the ball back. >> al: the ball is at the 44 yard line, 1:31. the giants take an immediate time-out. as that play takes only four seconds. of course, we were talking about one of the great moments in eagle history, one of the infamous moments in giants history. they try to run the clock out,
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and then herman edwards winds up going into the end zone. that propelled the eagles to their first playoff appearance. at the end of that season they wount up for the postseason for the first time in 18 years. the giants were a horrible team at that point and became even more horrible. >> cris: you get bon us points, though, if you could name the fullback on that play. larry czonka? >> al: the giants will spend their final time-out as the eagles come up to the line next to the third down and nine. division standings in the eagles trying to move into undisputed possession of first place here with dallas losing earlier today
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at home. against san diego. and for the eagles, they go home for the next two games against the 49ers in denver, and then they'll end their season at dallas. cowboys go to new orleans next week, then the giants go to washington next week, carolina here, and then to minnesota for a game that's very interesting in terms of where minnesota is at that point. >> cris: right, they may not play their starters in that one. they may have whatever they can clinch clinched at that point. >> al: right. third and nine, from the 43. to the outside. the giants defense does its job. they'll take all of the time off the clock that they can, since the giants can't stop it. >> cris: 30-plus seconds, something like that will be on the clock here after this punt. inresting they obviously chose
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to keep that clock running with the run play and not put the ball in novan mcnabb's hands, which is the right play on a night like this, where there have been points scored all over. >> al: they can take a time-out or the penalty doesn't hurt them very much at this point, a punt from the plus side of the field. they choose to take the time-out. if you ever have a punt blocked in the book, this is the time to use it. 122 plays tonight, 880 yards of offense. 7.2 average for each team per play. >> cris: really, the difference in the game has been the punt return and fumble recovery returned for a touchdown by sheldon brown. offensively you would have to say the giants have been at least even, if not maybe a
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little better. >> al: 5505 for the giants. rocka to kick. they're going to call for the fair catch and mae it any 9. then a flag comes in from midfield after the play. >> referee: after the play, personal foul, unnecessary roughness, number 41 on the receiving team. that penalty will be enforced. half the distance, first and ten. >> al: c.c. brown. that will cost them 4 1/2 more yards, half the distance, and there make the giants have to go
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95 yards in 28 seconds. >> cris: really your goal is to get to hail mary range, somewhere around midfield, if you can possibly do th. the possibility of a screen, you never know what you might dream up in this situation. >> al: wide left. manningham live to the right, coming out of the slot on the left, and eli almost gets sacked in the end zone, and then it's throw to boss and boss steps out of the bounds at the 12 yard line. the game was almost over right there, as i was able to get it away, but that took nine seconds and there's 19 left. >> cris: he's not even looking this way, and knew exactly where boss was. that's pretty remarkable, and completes the pass. you almost have to go mail mary
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to have a chance. then you have to getut of bounds. >> al: and then loses the ball. that will be ruled as a fumble. that's write a finish to this one. joselio hanson winds up with the football. >> cris: uh-oh now we might get some fines, suspensions. there were punches thrown at the tail end. and for the eagles, you have a huge win. you don't need that. i know who i thought it was, but i'm going to hold on to make sure.
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>> al: if it's not, you'll pay his fine. >> cris: here as the fumble, no doubt about that one. game over, go to the sideline, forget about it. i think it's trent cole that comes in from the back. >> referee: after the play, personal foul, number 16 new york, taking a helmet off a player. that palty will be assessed, half the distance, first down philadelphia. >> cris: trust me, that won't be the only things that comes out of that skirmish. i think shaun o'hara is you didn't see the two punches that led to that? were you really watching? >> al: should have sent him to a neutral corner. >> cris: for the giants, though, they know they had a chance here tonight. >> al: a golden opportunity, but the giants after starting th season 5-0 are now going to drop their sixth game. >> referee: they will offset at
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the succeeding spot. it will be philadelphia ball, personal foul, number 58 for throwing a punch. that player has been disqualified. personal foul number 60, new york, they'll offset. at the dead ball spot. >> al: giants starting 5-0. take a look at that. since they went to the current format in 1990, 29 of the 31 teams starting 5-0 made the play jofls. the only teams that did were the saints in '93, and the vikings in 2003. >> cris: i'll tell you, the wild card part of the equation right now, al, is getting wilder by the minute. the afc is really nuts, and the nfc we have the packers, the cowboys and the giants. it will be interesting for the cowboys. they're going to read some nasty headlines about december tomorrow. >> al: giants are probably going to see a few, too.
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so and reid and the philadelphia eagles have won four straight after that loss to dallas, they had four of five on the road. now they go home, home sweet home. in first place in the nfc east. they win it 45-38, with the wendy's postgame report next.
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well, the giants outgained the eagles, but the eagles outscored the giants. in so doing, philadelphia takes
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over first place in the nfc east with their victory tonight, coupled with the cowboys' loss late this afternoon against san diego. big night for donovan mcneighbor and desean jackson. they are on the field with andrea kremer. >> thank you very much. al mike alz called this a street game, nearly 900 yards of offense. what was it like to play? >> it was pretty much the same thing as the person watching it. it was exciting. good thing we came out on top. anytime the two teams play against each other. it's a drawing-out battle. these guys play hard. the giants continue to fight. we had to continue to fight and bounce back about different adversities. this team has definitely grown over the years. we have a lot of young guys in key positions, stepping up and making big plays. >> you told me we have no problems driving the ball, we have to finish. how important was that 95-yard
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drive, seven-plus minutes. >> it was big. i wouldn't just point that one out. to start the game owl, you know, for us to sustain the drive, get in the red zone and score. there were opportunities when we didn't, a couple miscues, but we corrected those, get back out on the field and make it happen. it's a tribute to these guys and how hard they work. >> alone at the top of the nfc east, how does it propel you for the rest of the season? >> we're not looking at it that way. it sounds good, but we have to take care of business. we started something in the st five weeks, and right now we need to feed off of that. >> how about these young guys like deshawn? >> he's from california, he's cold right now. >> thanks, donovan. you had the concussion last week, you missed the game. what kind of confidence did you have to come into this game, especially continuing to be this big play machine. >> first of all, first things first, i want to give credit to
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the man above, god first. i'm truly blessed, and everything for my posse, not able to be here, but he's in reality. but last week killed me sitting at home. i didn't feel like a regular person. i said i was going to come back strong. i told the team i was coming back strong and they could depend on me. >> e you tied a single-season nfl record, what are you getting known for these chest bumps with andy reid, haz that snirchlts coach reid, that's my man. we put a lot of preparation and hard work into it, and couldn't get no better than this. this is like our fourth or fifth win. we love it. >> mr. california, get warm. >> i'm cold. >> speaking of what he just referred to, the eagles are the winningest visiting team in giants stadium history as they close it out. >> nobody can eclipse it. thanks, andrea. let's swing it over to tony dungy.
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the giants moved the ball all night, but mistakes in the end cost them the decision. >> it did, bob. eli manning not sliding feet first, that cost them some points. they had a chance to pick up the ball even though the whistle had blown. you teach your guys alwaysick up the ball. brandon jacobs' fumble, without those mistakes, they could have easily won the game. >> here are the eagles doing what has become typical of them, a late-season surge. they now hold the lead in the division. the cowboys have to go to new orleans no a saturday night game. that doesn't figure to turn out well, but they do have the game remaining to close out the season, and they are already have a victory at hand, so they're not out of it by any means., they're not, but they've got to get things turned around. i think this was a big loss for them, losing at home. it will be difficult to go into new orleans.
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if they don't win that game, which i don't think they will, the giants really have a shot. if they go to washington and win, they'll be ahead. it will be very, very tight coming down the stretch. >> the giants have the two victories over the cowboys, so they own the tiebreaker for what could be the decision in the nfc. the cowboys are really the only contending team that the giants have been able to beat, but like you say, they're still alive, because by the time the giants play minnesota, the vikings may have nothing to play for. meanwhile, dallas has two tough games in the remaining three. >> no, they really do. the key thing is the giants have those two wins, so they've got the tiebreaker. dallas knows they have to finish ahead of the giants. that will put a lot of pressure on them. the cowboys have to get themselves together. they've got to win some games, no matter what everyone else does. >> tony, thanks, have a good week. we'll talk to you next sunday. time to look at "the buzz."
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the colts claimed the number one seed in the afc, the saints have a first-rouen bye, and the vikings have clinched a playoff spot, though not the nfc north just yet. brandon marshall set a sing of-game record, and the chargers have won 16 straight in december. that's an nfl record, while the cowboys are going the other way. a look now at some key injuries in dallas. demarcus ware was carted off the field after a scary collision. he was hospitalized for tests. he suffered a sprained neck, he did have movement in his extremities and was later released from the hospital. so that's good news. bruce gradkowski, the pittsburgh native who led the raiders to an upset win, suffered sprained ligaments in both knees. he's doubtful next week. and vince young left the titans' win with a hamstring injury. he's questionable against miami next week. check out pro football talk tomorrow for the morning
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